Behind the Scenes with Sylvia Tabua

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Picture of Sylvia TabuaSylvia was the community consultant for Kasa Por Yarn. She ran storyline workshops, edited the script and helped audition the actors. She also plays Helen, a men’s and women’s health nurse, and mother to Damien. Sylvia is back doing radio and hosts the breakfast show on 4MW from 7am to 9am Monday to Friday.

Tell us about your character Helen

Helen is a health worker and because of her job she’s aware of young people and what they get up to. As a single Mum she talks to her son, Damien, about making the right choices and she also talks to other young people.

Does the Helen storyline happen in real life?

There are a lot of sole parents around and they have to try and find good role models for their kids. Helen has a good idea of what advice to give so she’s a good role model for her son and for young people.

Are you happy with the show?

I think it’s great. I’ve been listening to it on 4MW. It’s deadly how it’s made and it keeps the listeners interested.

Kasa Por Yarn talks about some taboo subjects. What do you think of this?

Times have changed. Before there were ‘hush hush’ things not to talk about but now we have to be more open. We have to try and prevent the kids making mistakes and to be wiser about their choices. We need to be there for our children because if not, they’ll go and confide in somebody else and it may be the wrong person or the wrong crowd. Kids should be able to talk about anything to you. So then you know first hand.

What did you like best about working on Kasa Por Yarn?

Filming the video clip was the most fun part. Doing the auditions at Badu was great. It was good to see there was a plenty of interest and it was great to find Chiomi and James for the parts of Mandy and Damien. Chiomi is a real natural and very talented.

Are you going to do more acting in the future?

Yeh I love it. Over the years I’ve done acting in some videos and educational videos. I love the challenge.

Behind The Scenes With Aaron Tamwoy

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Picture of Aaron TamwoyAaron Tamwoy returns to Kasa Por Yarn 2 as the storyteller. Aaron recently moved to Brisbane after working as the sexual health educator at the NPA Family Resource Centre for five years.

Kasa Por Yarn talks about some taboo subjects. What do you think of this?

We all have influences from TV, the internet and magazines about these topics so I believe it’s good to address these issues from a health point of view. People need to be given the proper information in order to make informed decisions regarding their health.

This time you did a video of the story. What was that like?

I was bit nervous at first because I’ve had no experience but once I did it, it turned out better than I expected.

What do you like about Kasa Por Yarn?

I like that it’s a story that relates to the average person living in the Straits or NPA, and the fact that we’ve got local people involved in every aspect from acting and scriptwriting. I also like that it’s talking about issues that I feel need to be addressed.

Do you have a message for your NPA friends and family?

I’d encourage them to listen to Kasa Por Yarn 2. It will be bigger and better than the first series.

Behind the Scenes with Chiomi Fujii

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Picture of Chiomi FujiiChiomi is originally from Thursday Island but now lives on Badu. Chiomi plays Mandy, a singer and party girl, who is in the group, Ailan Krew, with J-Dogs and her brother Matthew.

Tell us about Mandy

Mandy loves to party. She’s a free spirit and she doesn’t know which boy she wants. She’s also good friends with Elise.

Do you know anyone like Mandy?

Yeh me! Kidding. Yes my best friend Janis. She’s really outgoing and she parties and she’s always making people laugh. She’s always dancing non-stop.

Have you acted before?

Yeh. I love acting. I used to study acting at Uni in Brisbane but I was homesick. I’d love to more acting.

What was the most fun thing about the show?

Acting all silly with Danny and having a good laugh. Danny kept me going with all his funny acts and jokes. J-dogs is my favourite character because he’s so funny.

What do you think about the storyline?

It like people up here. That’s what happens in real life.

What was the hardest thing about acting?

It was hard making all the kissing sounds and doing the rap. The rapping was alright but I didn’t feel really confident. I didn’t think the video of Uncool Love would come out as good. My singing is alright but I don’t think I’m the best singer.

Damien likes Mandy. Do you think they are a good match?

Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

Unwanted Sex

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Picture of Jayson, Mandy and Damien.

Mandy says ‘my body, my decision’

In Kasa Por Yarn, Mandy is being pressured by boys to have sex. She wants to say no and she tells Damien: “It’s my body, my decision. If you don’t like it then that’s your problem.”

Forcing someone you know to have sex is called ‘date rape’:

  1. Date Rape is forced or coerced sex between partners, dates, friends, friends of friends or general acquaintances.
  2. Date Rape can be forced both physically and emotionally. People might use tactics like threatening your reputation or spreading rumours, threatening to not like you, name calling, saying you “brought it on” or “really want it”, threats to break up.
  3. If you’ve had too much to drink or had drugs and you do not consent to sex, it is still rape.
  4. If you don’t want to have sex, say NO like you mean it and fight it off if you have to – people who fight off a rapist are more likely to stop the rape.
  5. Date Rape is the most common form of rape, with 1 in 4 girls expected to fall victim to rape or attempted rape before they reach 25.
  6. Although girls are more often victims of rape, guys are not safe – they can be raped too.
  7. NO MEANS NO! If a person says no to sex (no matter how quietly or unconvincingly) and you go ahead with it anyway, that is rape.

Adapted from teen advice

Talking to teens about relationships

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Picture of Helen and Damien

Helen (Sylvia Tabua) is a single mum who talks to her son Damien (James Nona) about staying safe.

In Kasa Por Yarn, Helen is very open with her son Damien about relationships, girls and about using condoms.

Adults may feel uncomfortable talking to teens about boys, girls and relationships because they are embarrassed or unsure of what to say or how to begin. But the truth is if you talk to your young people about relationships and sex, you’re looking out for them and protecting them. Nobody wants their young teen to get pregnant.

Fact 1: Many studies have found that teenagers, whose family talk to them about relationships and sex, are more likely to start sex at a LATER age, use protection, and have fewer partners.

Fact 2:  Most kids are bombarded with TV, magazine and web information and images about sex – no matter how hard you try to shield them from it. Kids need good, clear facts; and they need to be able to hear it in an atmosphere of trust, openness and support.

3 tips to get you started

1. Update your own knowledge by checking out these websites or picking up some brochures from the clinic. Focus on providing factual information, free of judgements. Check out:  and (a great site for teens).

2. Talk while doing an activity together (like fishing or cooking).It can be a great way to encourage conversation. Talking about TV shows and magazine articles can be a good way to start a conversation about sex and relationships.

3. Listen carefully. Take young people’s responses and questions seriously, and answer as honestly as you can. If you avoid questions, you may send negative messages about the issues. Remember, kids will always look for the answers and they may need help to understand what they find out. They may already have very wrong information from talking to their friends.

Teens and Drinking – Party Safe

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Photo of the cast of Kasa Por Yarn 2Kasa Por Yarn – Week 5 Torres News Feature Article

Teens and Drinking – Party Safe

In Episode 5 of Kasa Por Yarn the Ailan Krew leave for a big party on Badu.

The ‘I Stay Safe’ website ( gives explicit and honest information to teens about sex, relationships, drinking and drugs. Here’s some advice from the site:

Plan ahead

You may have the best plans to look after yourself and your friends but everything can change when you’re drunk or using drugs.

Alcohol and drugs affect the way your brain operates, how you behave, and how you can protect yourself. This is particularly true for teens. Drugs and alcohol can affect their developing brains forever.

Alcohol can change how you behave sexually. Plan ahead on how you are going to stay safe in terms of sex.

Alcohol and drugs might change you

They can cloud your mind and lead you to take risks you might not otherwise take. You can lose control.

People react to alcohol and/or drugs in different ways. You might experience emotions and behaviours that are strange. Some become very sad and cry a lot, others can be over the top with excitement. Some people want to fight.

Don’t trust your decisions

The decisions you make when you are drunk or on drugs are often not always the same decisions that you would make sober. This includes decisions about sexual activity.

You could make a decision that puts you at risk.

You might put yourself in danger

Date rape is when someone you know makes you have sex when you don’t want to. It is associated with alcohol and drugs. One study found that 75% of boys and 55% of girls involved in date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

Behind the Scenes with James Nona

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Picture of James Nona

James Nona plays Damien in Kasa Por Yarn. Damien really likes Mandy but so does Jayson. Damien gains confidence during the show and hopes that Mandy will choose him. James lives on Badu Island.

Tell us about Damien? What is he like?

He is an only child and he wants to get along with the girls but he is shy and always in the shadow of Jayson. He tries to be like Jayson and tries to find out a way to get over his shame. When he got promoted to manager of Ailan Krew he wasn’t shame anymore.

Is Damien like you at all?

No. I don’t know anyone like Damien so I tried to put myself in his position and work out how he would act. It was a bit difficult at first but I kept rehearsing and it got better.

Do you have any advice for Damien?

Don’t be shame.

What did you like about Kasa Por Yarn?

It was in different places. They travelled a lot. I think it was pretty good because it’s not based on one thing, there’s heaps of things to keep everyone interested.

What was the hardest thing about acting?

When we were doing the bit at the end we had to memorise all the lines. That was the hardest!

What was the most fun thing?

Getting to do the lines with Danny and all the others, because we came up with different ideas and some of it was very funny.

Do you think you’d do more acting.

Yes because it was fun and you get to gain heaps more new experiences, play different roles and meet other people.