Behind the Scenes with Aaron Tamwoy

Aaron Tamwoy in the StudioAaron Tamwoy is a family planning educator with NPA Family and Community Services. He plays the role of the storyteller/narrator in Kasa Por Yarn. As one of the organisers of Kasa Por Yarn, with Beverly Jacob, he helped develop story lines, recruit community members for advice, redraft the script and launch the drama.
How did the idea of Kasa Por Yarn come about?
We work with community Youth and Relationships Network (YARN groups) and they recommended we use radio more to help get our messages out. The ideas for the play came through creative workshops and the local YARN group meetings throughout the communities in the NPA.
Do you know people like the characters in Kasa Por Yarn?
Yes. For each character I could tell you a similar story about someone I know.

Aaron Tamwoy

What does your work involve and what training did you need?
Basically sexual health promotion and education so it can range from lessons at the school to being involved in projects like Kasa Por Yarn, Waru We’rem condoms and Indigenous Hip Hop. With World AIDS Day and International Condom Day we organise information sessions in the community targeting different age groups. We’ve done some comedy skits with some community members about sexual health and we’re looking to do skits about other health messages. I started with on the job training and I am studying Cert IV Primary Health Care.
Do you think the community knows about sexual health?
I think everybody has a different level of understanding but our main job is to give community members information that is relevant to them and give them the facts because there are a lot of myths surrounding sexual health.

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