Behind the scenes with Patrick Mau

Patrick Mau (left) checks the script with James Nona who plays Damien


Patrick Mau began his solo music career as Maupower and founded One Blood Hidden Image. He is often travelling around Australia recording and performing, and recently hosted Volumz Music Show on NITV.  As the community consultant on Kasa Por Yarn he ran storyline workshops, edited the script, ran auditions, coached the actors, and directed all Yumpla Tok translations. Patrick wrote and performs in the song/video “The Next Episode” and wrote “Uncool Love” for Ailan Krew (see the Kasa Por Yarn YouTube channel). Maupower has also been nominated for Hip Hop Artist of the Year in the 2012 Deadlies.

After your Kasa Por Yarn experience would you move into doing more drama and storytelling or are you sticking with music?

Music and storytelling are interlinked with each other. I saw some theatre in Melbourne last year and noticed that my peers in music industry are getting much more involved in theatre. This year I worked in Adelaide with one of my friends in theatre production as part of the sound crew. I also had some songs on The Straits and the Mabo film.

Kasa Por Yarn talks about some contentious subjects like HIV/AIDS and sexual health. What do you think of this?

They are issues that people might feel uncomfortable talking about but if we don’t talk about these things there’s no way we can address them. Talking helps us create solutions and preventions for these problems.

What do you think of the show?

Kasa Por Yarn was a really good idea from the first episode. It’s something new for radio in the Straits. The second story line is really cool and has developed into a whole new story. There’s no limit to where you can take it. We’ve expanded it into music video clips and it has the potential to broaden into any direction.

You have a new daughter now. What kind of teenager are you hoping she’ll be? What kind of advice will you be giving her about boys when she’s a teenager?

I’m not thinking that far ahead (laughs). My partner and I aim to teach her to be responsible individual. The thing is, as she grows up I’ll have no control.

I won’t withhold information from her and hopefully she’ll make right choices and not be pressured by peers because it’s easy to be misled.

What have you got planned for this year?

I’m planning some new albums for Maupower and One Blood Hidden Image, and some more video clip projects. We’ll be trying to get into more different media like TV and new areas of the music artform.


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