Behind the scenes with Joseph Seden

Joseph Seden comes from HornIsland and graduated from Tagai State College last year. He plays Matthew, the leader of the music group, Ailan Krew, with his sister Mandy, and with Jayson. He and Jayson argue a lot because he hates how Jayson treats Lindy and her baby. Lindy is Matthew’s cousin. Matthew is torn between his commitment to the church and the temptation to hook up with Elise.

Tell us about Matthew

Matthew seems like a pretty good guy. He has his mind set on what he wants. He’s protective about his sister, Mandy, and about girls in general. He loves his music and likes going to church. He’s pretty much like me in real life so the character suited me well.

Have you acted before?

I did drama at school. Acting is pretty good. I enjoyed myself.

You sing in Ailan Krew’s Uncool Love film clip. What was that like?

The singing part was good but it’d be better if I had a voice! I was surprised. I never thought the video clip would end up being that good.

What was it like being the show?

I liked working with the other actors. It was fun and I enjoyed myself. At first it was a bit difficult but it got easier day by day.

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