Behind the Scenes with James Nona

Picture of James Nona

James Nona plays Damien in Kasa Por Yarn. Damien really likes Mandy but so does Jayson. Damien gains confidence during the show and hopes that Mandy will choose him. James lives on Badu Island.

Tell us about Damien? What is he like?

He is an only child and he wants to get along with the girls but he is shy and always in the shadow of Jayson. He tries to be like Jayson and tries to find out a way to get over his shame. When he got promoted to manager of Ailan Krew he wasn’t shame anymore.

Is Damien like you at all?

No. I don’t know anyone like Damien so I tried to put myself in his position and work out how he would act. It was a bit difficult at first but I kept rehearsing and it got better.

Do you have any advice for Damien?

Don’t be shame.

What did you like about Kasa Por Yarn?

It was in different places. They travelled a lot. I think it was pretty good because it’s not based on one thing, there’s heaps of things to keep everyone interested.

What was the hardest thing about acting?

When we were doing the bit at the end we had to memorise all the lines. That was the hardest!

What was the most fun thing?

Getting to do the lines with Danny and all the others, because we came up with different ideas and some of it was very funny.

Do you think you’d do more acting.

Yes because it was fun and you get to gain heaps more new experiences, play different roles and meet other people.

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