Teens and Drinking – Party Safe

Photo of the cast of Kasa Por Yarn 2Kasa Por Yarn – Week 5 Torres News Feature Article

Teens and Drinking – Party Safe

In Episode 5 of Kasa Por Yarn the Ailan Krew leave for a big party on Badu.

The ‘I Stay Safe’ website (www.istaysafe.com) gives explicit and honest information to teens about sex, relationships, drinking and drugs. Here’s some advice from the site:

Plan ahead

You may have the best plans to look after yourself and your friends but everything can change when you’re drunk or using drugs.

Alcohol and drugs affect the way your brain operates, how you behave, and how you can protect yourself. This is particularly true for teens. Drugs and alcohol can affect their developing brains forever.

Alcohol can change how you behave sexually. Plan ahead on how you are going to stay safe in terms of sex.

Alcohol and drugs might change you

They can cloud your mind and lead you to take risks you might not otherwise take. You can lose control.

People react to alcohol and/or drugs in different ways. You might experience emotions and behaviours that are strange. Some become very sad and cry a lot, others can be over the top with excitement. Some people want to fight.

Don’t trust your decisions

The decisions you make when you are drunk or on drugs are often not always the same decisions that you would make sober. This includes decisions about sexual activity.

You could make a decision that puts you at risk.

You might put yourself in danger

Date rape is when someone you know makes you have sex when you don’t want to. It is associated with alcohol and drugs. One study found that 75% of boys and 55% of girls involved in date rape had been drinking or using drugs.

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