Behind the Scenes with Chiomi Fujii

Picture of Chiomi FujiiChiomi is originally from Thursday Island but now lives on Badu. Chiomi plays Mandy, a singer and party girl, who is in the group, Ailan Krew, with J-Dogs and her brother Matthew.

Tell us about Mandy

Mandy loves to party. She’s a free spirit and she doesn’t know which boy she wants. She’s also good friends with Elise.

Do you know anyone like Mandy?

Yeh me! Kidding. Yes my best friend Janis. She’s really outgoing and she parties and she’s always making people laugh. She’s always dancing non-stop.

Have you acted before?

Yeh. I love acting. I used to study acting at Uni in Brisbane but I was homesick. I’d love to more acting.

What was the most fun thing about the show?

Acting all silly with Danny and having a good laugh. Danny kept me going with all his funny acts and jokes. J-dogs is my favourite character because he’s so funny.

What do you think about the storyline?

It like people up here. That’s what happens in real life.

What was the hardest thing about acting?

It was hard making all the kissing sounds and doing the rap. The rapping was alright but I didn’t feel really confident. I didn’t think the video of Uncool Love would come out as good. My singing is alright but I don’t think I’m the best singer.

Damien likes Mandy. Do you think they are a good match?

Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

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