About Kasa Por Yarn

Kasa Por Yarn, a radio drama funded by Queensland Health. It airs on Radio 4MW at 11am and 9pm daily and runs for 12 weeks.

Aaron Fa’aoso was the creative consultant on the show and stars as Billy. “The fact that it is tailor-made for the Straits — there was quite a bit of community consultation — is an absolutely fantastic way to get vital messages out and receive community support,” said Aaron.

The storylines and characters were developed with the help of local creative people through a series of workshops on Thursday Island last year.

The end product is a powerful journey through the some of the lifestyle decisions affecting local people.

What’s the story?

In Kasa Por Yarn, Aaron plays Billy, a professional footballer who comes home to ‘the island’ for his mother’s tombstone opening.

“Billy has a secret and we find out that he’s not the only one,” said Maleta Nona, Program Manager, Men’s and Women’s Health Program on Thursday Island.

The story is also follows 14 year old Elise as she decides whether to go out with Jayson. Jayson also likes Elise’s best friend Lindy.

Who is in it?

Aaron Fa’aoso is joined by Charles Passi and Jimi Bani, who starred in the Logie Award-winning TV series Remote Area Nurse, and Rhain Phineasa, Mary Mills, Danny Bani, Talei Elu and Maudesta Bowie. Patrick Mau aka Kidd Blaze (featuring SK and Danny Boii) did the theme song. Aaron Tamwoy plays the storyteller on the show.

The show was written and directed by Simon Luckhurst and Nigel Pegrum was the sound engineer.

More info

If you would like to air Kasa Por Yarn on your local radio station or want more information email heather_robertson@health.qld.gov.au

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