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Behind the Scenes with Sylvia Tabua

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Picture of Sylvia TabuaSylvia was the community consultant for Kasa Por Yarn. She ran storyline workshops, edited the script and helped audition the actors. She also plays Helen, a men’s and women’s health nurse, and mother to Damien. Sylvia is back doing radio and hosts the breakfast show on 4MW from 7am to 9am Monday to Friday.

Tell us about your character Helen

Helen is a health worker and because of her job she’s aware of young people and what they get up to. As a single Mum she talks to her son, Damien, about making the right choices and she also talks to other young people.

Does the Helen storyline happen in real life?

There are a lot of sole parents around and they have to try and find good role models for their kids. Helen has a good idea of what advice to give so she’s a good role model for her son and for young people.

Are you happy with the show?

I think it’s great. I’ve been listening to it on 4MW. It’s deadly how it’s made and it keeps the listeners interested.

Kasa Por Yarn talks about some taboo subjects. What do you think of this?

Times have changed. Before there were ‘hush hush’ things not to talk about but now we have to be more open. We have to try and prevent the kids making mistakes and to be wiser about their choices. We need to be there for our children because if not, they’ll go and confide in somebody else and it may be the wrong person or the wrong crowd. Kids should be able to talk about anything to you. So then you know first hand.

What did you like best about working on Kasa Por Yarn?

Filming the video clip was the most fun part. Doing the auditions at Badu was great. It was good to see there was a plenty of interest and it was great to find Chiomi and James for the parts of Mandy and Damien. Chiomi is a real natural and very talented.

Are you going to do more acting in the future?

Yeh I love it. Over the years I’ve done acting in some videos and educational videos. I love the challenge.

Behind the scenes with Rhian Phineasa

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Picture of Rhian PhineasaRhian Phineasa

Rhian is from Bamaga and played Elise in Series One. Elise fell for J-Dogs who cheated on her and got her friend Lindy pregnant. In Series Two, J-Dogs is still around but Elise is older and wiser and she doesn’t trust him.

Tell us about Kasa Por Yarn 2

This one is more exciting with different characters. There’s more videos and music. We’re all older so Elise sees things differently from the first episode.

Do you think Elise has changed?

She has changed big time from the first time. She has still got feelings for J-Dogs. She’s a bit more experienced but doesn’t know everything. She understands that sometimes boys only want thing.

What was it like to play Elise again?

It was like the first time. It was awesome.

Is Elise like you?

In some ways she is like me but she’s a bit different. She keeps going back to J-Dogs but I wouldn’t go back to him after what he’s done. I think she still likes him.

What about Elise and Matthew?

She likes him. He’s different again. He’s kinda like romantic. He’s good for her.

What about Elise’s friend Mandy?

They are best friends and when we made Kasa Por Yarn, Chiomi and I had lots of fun together. We still call each other Elise and Mandy.

Behind the scenes with Joseph Seden

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Joseph Seden comes from HornIsland and graduated from Tagai State College last year. He plays Matthew, the leader of the music group, Ailan Krew, with his sister Mandy, and with Jayson. He and Jayson argue a lot because he hates how Jayson treats Lindy and her baby. Lindy is Matthew’s cousin. Matthew is torn between his commitment to the church and the temptation to hook up with Elise.

Tell us about Matthew

Matthew seems like a pretty good guy. He has his mind set on what he wants. He’s protective about his sister, Mandy, and about girls in general. He loves his music and likes going to church. He’s pretty much like me in real life so the character suited me well.

Have you acted before?

I did drama at school. Acting is pretty good. I enjoyed myself.

You sing in Ailan Krew’s Uncool Love film clip. What was that like?

The singing part was good but it’d be better if I had a voice! I was surprised. I never thought the video clip would end up being that good.

What was it like being the show?

I liked working with the other actors. It was fun and I enjoyed myself. At first it was a bit difficult but it got easier day by day.

Behind the scenes with Danny Bani

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Picture of Danny BaniDanny Bani

Danny Bani plays one of Kasa Por Yarn’s most popular characters: J-Dogs. This time Danny sings and dances as J-Dogs in a music group, the Ailan Krew. Check out Danny in two new music videos on the Kasa Por Yarn YouTube Channel.

Tell us about J-Dogs?

Everything has to be about him and if it’s not about him he doesn’t care. He is happy character because he doesn’t care what happens around him. He chooses to be happy because he doesn’t have a happy life. He is selfish I guess.

Do you know anyone like J-Dogs?

I don’t know. When we first started Kas Por Yarn, Jimi Bani said that to bring J-Dogs to life I’d have to think of someone who is like that in the community. I couldn’t think of anyone at the time. So I grabbed bits and pieces from my cousins, brothers, friends from school people to create this character.

Are you happy with the songs and the music videos?

It was an adventure. It was amazing. I had fun. It’s my life – it’s what I love to do. I like creating these things and bring an idea to life – a melody a tune – and other people can see and hear what you felt and thought inside your head. I loved working with Pat – it’s a great experience as a younger performer. It’s amazing when Pat and I talk and then create these songs. There’s no greater feeling than seeing the finished product.

What’s happening with Elise and J-Dogs?

Elise is not an option now. She’s still someone he goes to for help but Elise and Jay know they can’t be together anymore.

What are your plans for the future?

Samantha and I are in Alice Springs this year. Maybe we’ll look to get a place in Cairns in the future. I want to go acting school and do singing, dancing and acting, maybe in Sydney or WAAPA in Perth.

Behind the scenes with Patrick Mau

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Patrick Mau (left) checks the script with James Nona who plays Damien


Patrick Mau began his solo music career as Maupower and founded One Blood Hidden Image. He is often travelling around Australia recording and performing, and recently hosted Volumz Music Show on NITV.  As the community consultant on Kasa Por Yarn he ran storyline workshops, edited the script, ran auditions, coached the actors, and directed all Yumpla Tok translations. Patrick wrote and performs in the song/video “The Next Episode” and wrote “Uncool Love” for Ailan Krew (see the Kasa Por Yarn YouTube channel). Maupower has also been nominated for Hip Hop Artist of the Year in the 2012 Deadlies.

After your Kasa Por Yarn experience would you move into doing more drama and storytelling or are you sticking with music?

Music and storytelling are interlinked with each other. I saw some theatre in Melbourne last year and noticed that my peers in music industry are getting much more involved in theatre. This year I worked in Adelaide with one of my friends in theatre production as part of the sound crew. I also had some songs on The Straits and the Mabo film.

Kasa Por Yarn talks about some contentious subjects like HIV/AIDS and sexual health. What do you think of this?

They are issues that people might feel uncomfortable talking about but if we don’t talk about these things there’s no way we can address them. Talking helps us create solutions and preventions for these problems.

What do you think of the show?

Kasa Por Yarn was a really good idea from the first episode. It’s something new for radio in the Straits. The second story line is really cool and has developed into a whole new story. There’s no limit to where you can take it. We’ve expanded it into music video clips and it has the potential to broaden into any direction.

You have a new daughter now. What kind of teenager are you hoping she’ll be? What kind of advice will you be giving her about boys when she’s a teenager?

I’m not thinking that far ahead (laughs). My partner and I aim to teach her to be responsible individual. The thing is, as she grows up I’ll have no control.

I won’t withhold information from her and hopefully she’ll make right choices and not be pressured by peers because it’s easy to be misled.

What have you got planned for this year?

I’m planning some new albums for Maupower and One Blood Hidden Image, and some more video clip projects. We’ll be trying to get into more different media like TV and new areas of the music artform.

Behind the Scenes with Aaron Tamwoy

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Aaron Tamwoy in the StudioAaron Tamwoy is a family planning educator with NPA Family and Community Services. He plays the role of the storyteller/narrator in Kasa Por Yarn. As one of the organisers of Kasa Por Yarn, with Beverly Jacob, he helped develop story lines, recruit community members for advice, redraft the script and launch the drama.
How did the idea of Kasa Por Yarn come about?
We work with community Youth and Relationships Network (YARN groups) and they recommended we use radio more to help get our messages out. The ideas for the play came through creative workshops and the local YARN group meetings throughout the communities in the NPA.
Do you know people like the characters in Kasa Por Yarn?
Yes. For each character I could tell you a similar story about someone I know.

Aaron Tamwoy

What does your work involve and what training did you need?
Basically sexual health promotion and education so it can range from lessons at the school to being involved in projects like Kasa Por Yarn, Waru We’rem condoms and Indigenous Hip Hop. With World AIDS Day and International Condom Day we organise information sessions in the community targeting different age groups. We’ve done some comedy skits with some community members about sexual health and we’re looking to do skits about other health messages. I started with on the job training and I am studying Cert IV Primary Health Care.
Do you think the community knows about sexual health?
I think everybody has a different level of understanding but our main job is to give community members information that is relevant to them and give them the facts because there are a lot of myths surrounding sexual health.

Behind the scenes with Aaron Fa’aoso

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The Kasa Por Yarn family has lots of secrets: Peter the dad (Charles Passi), and his kids - Gretel (Mary Mills), Elise (Rhian Phineasa) and Billy (Aaron Fa'aoso).

Bamaga son Aaron Fa’aoso plays a footballer with a secret in Kasa Por Yarn. Aaron is a former sexual health worker and a Logie-nominated actor who got his first break in the ABC TV series RAN (Remote Area Nurse). Aaron worked as the creative and cultural consultant on Kasa Por Yarn and plays the role of Billy.

Tell us about your character Billy.
Billy is a football player. He is a very outgoing, ‘life of the party’ type guy. He was pursuing a career in football and he was also in a relationship with Cindy. Billy got caught up with the southern lifestyle and lost focus and forgot the reason he was in Townsville. His relationship with his family deteriorated but before that he had a good relationship with them.

Billy (Aaron Fa'aoso) and his ex-girlfriend Cindy (Maudesta Bowie). Billy left Cindy to pursue a career in football.

Billy’s whole family are dealing with the death of his mother and that’s one of the reasons Billy left the island. He also left to pursue a career in NRL. While Billy was in Townsville, something dramatic happened to him that changed his life forever. Now he is faced with the ordeal of telling his family what happened. As the show progresses, it’ll eventually make sense why he is disconnected from his family and became a recluse.
You were reunited with Charles Passi and Jimi Bani who you worked with on RAN. What was that like?
It was great to work with them again. It was a close bond and connection we formed on the RAN project and it was a very special experience. It was great to reconnect on a professional level and work together to tell the story and convey the messages.

Billy (Aaron Fa'aoso) with his mate Harry (Jimi Bani). Harry notices Billy has changed since coming back to the island.

The production wouldn’t have been what it was without them and they brought a level of experience that we needed for the success of the production. They brought the right energy and temperament to the project. Charles is great to work with and Jimi has come along in leaps and bounds and I believe he’s one to look out for.
I know I’ll continue to work with them in the future and work with more stories in the Torres.
You have a background in film, TV and in health. Do you think this mix works?
Most definitely. Pamphlets and brochures have their place but it’s more appropriate to use creative media to target the intended audience – especially the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences. We’re an oral culture and Kasa Por Yarn is about telling stories about the messages, so it is highly effective. This project was able to engage the community from an inside-out approach.
A multi-platform approach is needed when promoting the health, social and lifestyle issues that are affecting Indigenous communities – radio, music, web, mobile phones, and much more. This kind of project is one of the most effective ways to engage the community at the grass roots level.
What other projects are you involved in?
I’m working on various projects which are ‘in development’ but there’s one that should come to fruition in the near future which will be an opportunity for Torres Strait Islanders to participate.