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Elise (Rhian Phineasa) is bullied on Chat

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Elise (Rhian Phineasa) is bullied on Chat

Week 1 Torres News Feature Article

Teens and mobile phones

This week on Kasa Por Yarn, Elise is coping with bullying and carryarn on chat.

“This storyline came from young people at workshops on TI last year,” explains Sylvia Tabua, the community consultant.

Chat rooms like Diva Chat and Chat Zone are a huge part of teens’ social lives. They can contain images and messages that are bullying or sexual. describes ‘sexting’ as where teens share nude photos via their phones. Sometimes it’s flirting, impulsive, or even a response to bullying or blackmail. Parents can talk to teens about the dangers of sexting. Pictures can be sent around by an ex-friend to everyone you know and end up online for people to search for pretty much forever.

A Thursday Island father of two teenagers said monitoring mobile phone use was a constant struggle. “You want to know what they’re up to but at the same time you don’t want to invade their privacy,” he said.

“We talk to our kids about the dangers of mobile phones. You’ve got to communicate with them,” he said. “We also confiscate the phones at 7pm or 8pm at night. Otherwise they’ll keep texting all night.” has the following tips for parents:

1) Be safe: Kids need to think about who they text with. They should never text about sex with strangers.

2) Bullying by phone. Explain that the same manners and ethics you’ve always taught them apply on phones and the Web as in “real life.”

3) Media-sharing by phone. Teens need to understand their own and others’ privacy rights in sharing photos and videos via cell phones.

4) ‘Smart phones.’ Ask your phone company whether they have filters available for internet access via mobile phones.

If you’re worried about a video, image or text your teen has received, contact the police for advice.

Kids can chat to a counsellor online at or call 1800 55 1800.

Listen por ol latest yarnz

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Series two of Kasa Por Yarn, a radio play focusing on young people in the Torres Strait, launches next week on Thursday Island, Umagico and BaduIsland.

Kasa Por Yarn is a major project of the Thursday Island, Bamaga and Injinoo Youth and Relationship Networks (YARNs).

Kasa Por Yarn, an 8-week local radio funded by Two Spirits, Queensland Association of Healthy Communities, will begin airing on Radio 4MW and Black Star Radio in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area from 29 August.

Some of the characters from Kasa Por Yarn 1 are back. Jayson (Danny Bani) and Elise (Rhian Phineasa) have grown up a little and Jayson has a baby now. Charles Passi returns as Peter, Elise’s dad, who is coping with carryarn on the island about his son Billy’s HIV.

New characters are brother and sister singers Matthew (Joseph Seden) and Mandy (Chiomi Fujii) and their friend Damien (James Nona).

Sylvia Tabua was the community consultant for the show and plays Helen, Damien’s mother:

“It’s a fun story highlighting issues about young people and the challenges they face with relationships and growing up,” Sylvia explains.

“The storylines and characters for Kasa Por Yarn were developed with the help of local creative people through workshops in the Torres Strait last year.

“The story explores some of the lifestyle decisions affecting young people,” Sylvia said.

Patrick Mau was also the community consultant and the music director for the show.

Patrick wrote two songs, stars in the music video “The Next Episode” and wrote the ballad “Uncool Love” for the show’s hip hop group Ailan Krew.

Both the videos are available on the Kasa Por Yarn YouTube channel and the songs can be downloaded for free.

Aaron Tamwoy returns as the storyteller and explains what’s happened between the first series and second series in his YouTube video.

Kasa Por Yarn 2 photos, episodes, videos and song will be available from

Episode 10

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This week:

End up Billy been matha own up for Harry em been gad HIV, and Harry been confront Jayson about em behaviour and Jayson gor thek mout wile bor em where Lindy.

Download Episode 10 Here:

Episode 10 – High Quality (10MB)
Episode 10 – Low Filesize (6MB)

or listen to it on Facebook. New episode every Thursday.

Spik mepla wanem youpla think!

Episode 9

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This week:

Elise bin promise J-Dogs that em gor hook up wer em, Harry bin work out secret blor Billy and Peter e struggle por organise the tombstone opening.

Download Episode 9 Here:

Episode 9 – High Quality (9MB)
Episode 9 – Low Filesize (5MB)

or listen to it on Facebook. New episode every Thursday.

Spik mepla wanem youpla think!