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Behind the scenes with Rhian Phineasa

Posted in Interviews with tags on September 27, 2012 by kasaporyarn

Picture of Rhian PhineasaRhian Phineasa

Rhian is from Bamaga and played Elise in Series One. Elise fell for J-Dogs who cheated on her and got her friend Lindy pregnant. In Series Two, J-Dogs is still around but Elise is older and wiser and she doesn’t trust him.

Tell us about Kasa Por Yarn 2

This one is more exciting with different characters. There’s more videos and music. We’re all older so Elise sees things differently from the first episode.

Do you think Elise has changed?

She has changed big time from the first time. She has still got feelings for J-Dogs. She’s a bit more experienced but doesn’t know everything. She understands that sometimes boys only want thing.

What was it like to play Elise again?

It was like the first time. It was awesome.

Is Elise like you?

In some ways she is like me but she’s a bit different. She keeps going back to J-Dogs but I wouldn’t go back to him after what he’s done. I think she still likes him.

What about Elise and Matthew?

She likes him. He’s different again. He’s kinda like romantic. He’s good for her.

What about Elise’s friend Mandy?

They are best friends and when we made Kasa Por Yarn, Chiomi and I had lots of fun together. We still call each other Elise and Mandy.

Behind the scenes with Danny Bani

Posted in Interviews with tags on September 13, 2012 by kasaporyarn

Picture of Danny BaniDanny Bani

Danny Bani plays one of Kasa Por Yarn’s most popular characters: J-Dogs. This time Danny sings and dances as J-Dogs in a music group, the Ailan Krew. Check out Danny in two new music videos on the Kasa Por Yarn YouTube Channel.

Tell us about J-Dogs?

Everything has to be about him and if it’s not about him he doesn’t care. He is happy character because he doesn’t care what happens around him. He chooses to be happy because he doesn’t have a happy life. He is selfish I guess.

Do you know anyone like J-Dogs?

I don’t know. When we first started Kas Por Yarn, Jimi Bani said that to bring J-Dogs to life I’d have to think of someone who is like that in the community. I couldn’t think of anyone at the time. So I grabbed bits and pieces from my cousins, brothers, friends from school people to create this character.

Are you happy with the songs and the music videos?

It was an adventure. It was amazing. I had fun. It’s my life – it’s what I love to do. I like creating these things and bring an idea to life – a melody a tune – and other people can see and hear what you felt and thought inside your head. I loved working with Pat – it’s a great experience as a younger performer. It’s amazing when Pat and I talk and then create these songs. There’s no greater feeling than seeing the finished product.

What’s happening with Elise and J-Dogs?

Elise is not an option now. She’s still someone he goes to for help but Elise and Jay know they can’t be together anymore.

What are your plans for the future?

Samantha and I are in Alice Springs this year. Maybe we’ll look to get a place in Cairns in the future. I want to go acting school and do singing, dancing and acting, maybe in Sydney or WAAPA in Perth.